LZ-2290ASS-7-WB Computer-controlled, Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch, Zig-zag Stitching Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer

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Machine head type: Minute-quantity lubrication type
Max. sewing speed (rpm): 5000
Max. zig-zag width (mm): 10
Needle throw mechanism: Computer-controlled
Lift of the presser foot (mm): 5.5(By hand)/ 10(By knee)
Hook: DP hook (with a titanium inner hook)
Internal memory: Max. 20 patterns
Bobbin thread winder: Built-in machine head
Machine head drive: Compact AC servo motor (direct-drive system)
Distance from needle to mechanism arm (mm): 300
Needle: 438 (#75), DP x 5 (#10)