MEB-3900 Series Computer-controlled, Eyelet Buttonholing Sewing System

Variants: MEB-3900J (For Jeans), MEB-3900C (Cotton pants and working wear)

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Stitching shape patterns: The machine is provided as standard with 10 different stitching shape patterns of eyelet buttonhole.As many as 89 different patterns can be stored in memory and selected
Stitch system: 1-needle, double chainstitch (with gimp)
Sewing speed: 400~2,500sti/min
Sewing length: 10~38mm (Needle thread trimming type), 10~34mm (Overall thread trimming type)
Needle throwing width: Mechanical adjustment of the needle throwing width:2.0~4.0mm; Compensation of the needle throwing width (by the lower feed dog):1.5~5.0mm
Taper bar length: 3~15mm
Needle: D0×558 Nm90~Nm120 (Nm110)